Welcome to Dawnshard

Dawnshard is a server emulator project aimed at enabling continued play of Dragalia Lost.

Ever since the official servers were discontinued in November 2022, Dawnshard has been in development as a fan-led reimplementation of the game.

Frequently asked questions

How can I play on Android?

On an Android device, it is easiest to play using the Dragalipatch app by LukeFZ. This creates a modified app you can use to play Dawnshard by patching to https://dawnshard.co.uk.

Download Dragalipatch
How can I play on iOS?

The iOS setup process is a little more involved. The steps are outlined in this Google Docs guide, but if you get stuck, please see the #ios-setup-support channel on the Discord server.

Join Discord
Do I have to start over?

You can start over, or you can create an account on the BaaS server, which is a replacement for the Nintendo account mechanism from the original game. You can attach a savefile to this and have that uploaded onto a server.

Visit Baas.LukeFZ.xyz

Special thanks

Thanks to the following people, who have contributed to the server source code or its development in general:

LukeFZ, for developing the BaaS account system, DragaliPatch, and implementing features including the event compendium, endeavours, and more.

Ceris, for developing Orchis, another server revival project for Dragalia Lost.

Nano, for contributing character, summoning and dragon functionality to the server.

Nightmerp, for developing helper, wyrmprint, and quest-related features.

Skazord, for working on the Halidom.

sockperson, for implementing the Mercurial Gauntlet.

LatiWednesday, for working on character story epithets.

FatesTimelines1337, for adding treasure chests to the main campaign.